Media Size Anti Slip Armrest With Sucker

Model: KFC50020
Size: 40X9.5X8.5 CM...

Model: KFC50020

Size: 40X9.5X8.5 CM


This anti slip handle is made of plastic and it is durable and tough with characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant, thick base and difficult deformation. It is safety helper to protect you when your feet is wetting after showring. The sucker of the handle can be stick to any smooth surfaces, such as ceramic, metal and glass. 

Specification: Material: plastic 

Shape: handle 

Color: Gray 

Size: about 

Weight: about 

cope: bathroom, showering room, bathtub, corridor and ect 

How to use:

1. Clean the dust or water from the wall and the sucker.  

2. Open the switch of each edge of the handle and press the handle to the wall and squeeze the air until it become vacuum. 

3. Make sure the handle has become vacuum and close the switch. 




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